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Exchequer  This could be the next "Big Thing" around here.

24 hours of Dry Creek - More details

Pending approval, the 24 hours of Dry Creek Festival will consist of 24 hours non timed laps starting at 8 am. Lap #1 start: Sat. 8 am, Lap #2 start: Sat. 12 am, Lap #3 start: Sat. 5 pm, Lap #4 start: Sat. 10 pm, Lap #5 start: Sun. 3 am, Final Lap #6 start: Sun. 7 am. We would like to start the event on a Saturday morning ending on Sunday morning with a lunch in the park on Sunday afternoon. Contact Us to let us know you are interested and we will be in touch with you as the event develops. 

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awsome trails within reach:

During a recent adventure motorcycle ride with some friends and other people I had just met, the subject of mountain biking in Modesto came up. A couple of guys were explaining to each other how they both had nice bikes but they were no longer riding because there was nowhere around Modesto to ride. I listened in as they both went on about how they hadn’t been riding due to the lack of riding spots around here and how it was so much better when they lived near the bay. At some point I had heard enough and felt I needed to educate these guys on how lucky they really were. I finally butted in and explained to them: you know guys, I think of Modesto a pretty sweet spot to base my riding from. 2 hours West I’m in the Santa Cruz Mountains – some of the best mountain biking anywhere, 2 hours East I’m the Lake Alpine / Bear Valley area – again, world class mountain biking to suit any skill level, a hour and a half North I’m At Auburn Ravine or Salmon Falls,a hour and a half northeast I’m at Pinecrest Peak,

the list goes on.