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Modesto. California

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I continued to explain to them how I loved riding our local trails near Dry Creek and how I utilized the canal banks for my fitness rides. At this point I had their attention, I went on about Modesto’s affordable living and (what I consider) competitive job market.

If you like to ride bikes of any sort, Modesto is a great place to base your riding from. Before you get discouraged about the cycling situation in and around Modesto check out some of these rides; also consider the coastline hike and bike tour. People come from all over the world to enjoy the California coastline, a tour we can start 45 minutes away from home at the Pleasanton BART, we did it “it was awesome!” Between Half Moon bay and Big Sur we met the coolest, like minded people from all over the world, all out to enjoy cycling the length of the California coastline. 

In addition to all of these mountain biking spots, all of these areas also promote some of the best, most beautiful supported road rides. And don’t count out the supported road rides in our own area; we have some really great rides around here. Check your local cycling calendars for some of these great rides. Also check in with your local bike shops to find out about weekly group rides.                                            

Here are some of my go-to rides:
Great riding, within reach!            Happy Trails!

Lake Alpine / Bear Valley – numerous trails, 2 hours drive from Modesto                                                                                                               Santa Cruz – Demonstration State Forest, Nicene Marks , Wilder Ranch, 2 hours drive                                                                                         Pinecrest Peak – Epic trails, 1:45 drive  

Auburn Ravine – numerous trails, 1:45 drive 

Salmon Falls – great out and back, big fun!,  1:45 drive                                                                                     
Around an 1 hour drive:  

Red Hills

New Hogan

New Melones 

Pleasanton Ridge trails

Lake Chabot 

Exchequer mountain bike park, Lake McClure