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More moto camping story - ​​After that we got out our frozen pork chops and bags of frozen homemade soup to start their thaw. We got out our sandwich rounds and homemade chicken salad and had lunch. After an hour or so I started thinking about a fire. I looked off into the woods to see Daniel wandering around gathering something, he came back to the site and started putting different kinds of grass, pine needles and weeds in a pile to start a fire. Daniel, we found out later was an accomplished survivalist, he found things to eat on the ground and he also did pretty good at starting a fire. I brought a duraflame fire starter, I know how to survive also. As the evening progressed I said “we need to get the fire started” somebody asked “are you cold?” no , I needed the fire to cook my chops and soup. We got the fire started and after about 45 minutes or so I poked the coals a bit and threw the grate over the fire. I waited for the grill to heat up then scraped most of the existing seasonings off. I found a spot on the grill where I thought my chops might not incinerate and put them to cook. I got our thawing bags of albondigas soup and pans and got that going. I seasoned the chops with some grillmates seasoning I brought with us and continued to flip them. I looked around to see my fellow riders eating their freeze dried dinners peering into the fire towards our pork chops, I stood careful watch! Our BBQ dinner in the woods turned out awesome, something about cooking over an open wood campfire, it just seems like it tastes better. After a fun night of food and drink we turned in, we enjoyed a good nights rest near the river in our new tent,  on our new sleep pads, we slept like babies. The following morning consisted of camp coffee (I brought some of my favorite French vanilla creamer) and granola cereal for us, some of the others did other freeze dried meals or bars or granola mix. After breakfast we started folding up camp when we heard a scream! It was Cynthia, “eeech! It’s a lizard!” we all thought a bear had taken a swipe at her or something, no, it was about a 10” alligator lizard. She actually captured the lizard for a photo op, then we released it after. The ride home was a blast that linked up a bunch of fire roads with goat roads and even included some good water crossings. It was not easy surviving in the woods on our motos but we managed.  We’re already planning our next trip, can’t wait!  For more pictures see our Facebook Page 

Maybe ride your adventure bike to

Portland for some Halibut, for the hal-i-but!

If you like to ride trails other than the ones in the off road parks Your voice needs to be heard!
If you are not already a member of one of the advocacy groups, join one!

that is the way to have your voice heard and help secure the future of trail riding in places other than the OHV parks.

The advocacy groups also help and support the OHV parks, so let's do our part and support these groups.  

*Learn more, see off-road advocacy groups on our dirt bike page 


​Dual Sport

Adventure and Dual sport bikes aren't what they used to be, with advancements in technology things have come a long way. Now we have bikes with fuel injection and anti lock braking systems, we have GPS navigation systems, heated grips, gloves, suits, you name it!

All of these things we never even imagined in our youth, it's all reality now. Whether you want to get out on some fire roads in the High Sierras and have some fun, or maybe you want to travel to South America via motorcycle, it's all possible now! The bikes and equipment have really gone to another level, but don't get me wrong, the most important thing is getting out for a ride and enjoying being alive! Get out your XR 650, SuperTenere, or your F800 Beemer, get hold of a friend or two and plan a ride, you'll be happy you did it. 

Click on the links below to learn more about Local Adventure riding and Dual Sport riding groups

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