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Dirt Bike riding is alive and well! Motorcycle and gear technology have advanced the sport tremendously, the suspension, braking and power of the new machines is incredible! We can actually ride better and faster with less effort, really making the sport a bit safer.  Don't get me wrong, dirt bikes can still hurt you, but protective gear advancements have also lessened that factor a bit. While for some of us, it's about competition and pushing our personal limits, it's not really about the bike or the gear, it about going out with some friends or family and having a good time dirt biking!   Well, I feel fortunate to live so close to a great SVRA like Carnegie, it's only 30 minutes from Modesto and it's a beautiful park. LaGrange is also a lot of fun  and only 45 minutes drive.

Growing up we used to have so many places to ride, but that is changing as time goes on. There are people and groups out there who don't particularly like dirt bikes, these people are the ones who are responsible for a large percentage of the trail closures.  

If you like to ride trails other than the ones in the off road parks Your voice needs to be heard!

If you are not already a member of one of the advocacy groups, join one!

that is the way to have your voice heard and help secure the future of trail riding in places other than the OHV parks. The advocacy groups also help and support the OHV parks, so let's do our part and support these groups.       

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