Bike to school

Bike to work

Modesto. California

2 Wheel

​Maybe head to Maine

for some fresh catch!

As with the rest of the bikes, the touring motorcycles have evolved tremendously, more power, more storage, traction control, navigation systems, you might say these machines look like they came from the future... well the future is now! A machine you could have only dreamed of before is now available for anyone to purchase and riding gear... the new riding gear is incredible! The days of practically freezing to death are over, and yes they have gear to keep you cool in hot weather also. 

I'm not sure what part is more fun, planning and getting prepared for your big journey, or actually the point when the kickstand goes up and you take off, out onto the open road! Traveling across the country on a motorcycle is a one of a kind experience, meeting different people, seeing all of the different sights, it's truly an experience that will have you planning your next trip as soon as you get back home.

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