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Modesto. California

2 Wheel

Rod Smith from Modesto, CA

With the new technology available on stock bikes, we are now able to ride a machine that compares with the factory race bikes of years past. Right now the time has never been better to get out and experience riding on a professional road-race course. With track time and rider workshops available at several locations, several times throughout the year, let's get our machines ready and let's go burn some turns. Riding on a closed course is some of the most fun you'll ever have on a street bike, no cars, dogs or other vehicles rocketing towards you from the opposite direction, just you and the other riders of similar skill levels, all traveling the same direction! Safely experience more of you and your machines potential. What are you waiting for? hook up with a friend or two and plan a track day, let your machine flex it's muscles! 

You have a rocket-ship but nowhere to fly? Read more, maybe 2 wheel action can help! 

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