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W.O.W. – World of wheels now has new, state of the art fitting stations at both of their stores. What is a state of the art fitting station? You really should go talk to the folks at WOW to get the real details but I’ll give you a quick rundown. Getting into the optimum riding position on your bike is possibly the holy grail of cycling, well the engineers at Trek have come up with a bicycle fitting station that works with several parameters to get you into your best possible riding position.  Higher end bike shops  typically use this to get you fitted to your new bike, well I’m told they also can use this apparatus  to better fit you to your current bike. Additionally they can pressure map your seat to get you onto the best possible saddle for your particular booty.  As my words can’t really do this setup justice, you really should get down to see the folks at World of wheels or Fun sport bikes to check this out, computers, cameras, lasers, special lighting, all to get you properly fit to your bike, pretty cool! 

Recreational road cycling

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As Modesto has hosted the Amgen Tour more than once, we do have a very strong road cycling community. Be sure to check in with some of the local groups to find out about different rides and fun people to ride with. If you’re in for a challenge there are also some very fast local riders who will be happy to share some pain with you.