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Canal banks, continued. - ​​You know, all we wanted to do was to organize a morning fitness ride that stay home parents or work from home people could participate in, on a regular basis. We had thought about extending an invitation to others to join our regular morning fitness ride we already do along the canal bank. My experience made me think, I better check with the powers that be to make sure this can be done before I invite people to come ride with us. Well I hit the nail on the head, risk mitigation holding us up! We even offered to sign liability waivers. See Link We have nothing to gain by hosting these canal bank fitness rides, we just really enjoy the riding experience out there and we thought others might also, we feel safe riding the banks as there are no cars to worry about and very few busy intersections.  Frankly, I’d be shocked if we even got people to participate, and if we did I can’t see it turning into some big ride, it would probably see 10 riders at most and that’s reaching out. We want people to know, it’s not just about our fitness ride, this is about all of the people that have to pass the no trespassing signs every day to go on their runs, walks and rides, let’s promote these healthy activities not discourage them. The canal banks are a safe and often serene place to get your fit' on, let’s promote that! 

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The central valleys mild climate and flat terrain lend to a very bicycle-friendly riding environment. Make cycling part of your family fun, or make it part of your daily routine. There's a good chance if you tell your child you're going to ride bicycles with them to school,

they are likely to be exited! Additionally, you should not get as stressed over the morning school traffic rush.

The fact is: If you don't have to drive a car, ride your bike, it will make you feel alive!