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CHP lane splitting


Lane Splitting, continued. 

If you plan to lane split, be aware of the risks, a single mistake or miscalculation can cost you your life. Rider to rider, I’m explaining this to caution you; lane splitting really isn’t about “Legal or Illegal” it’s about your safety. If you don’t have 100% confidence in your riding ability and your ability to identify what the traffic around you is doing, don’t lane split! Additionally if you split lanes to the front of a row of traffic, when that light turns green, go! If you hesitate you might get mowed down by a vehicle that is paying attention to the light and not you. Going down in traffic, on a motorcycle, is not an option, nothing good will come of it, all bad!  Ride safely, ride again! See links to CHP lane splitting guidelines.

I've always rode bicycles, In the beginning my heart was in the Tour de France type of racing, I wanted to be like GregLeMond.

 As soon as I got my drivers licence I got a class 4 endorsement along with it (motorcycle licence at the time). From the age of 16 until now I have always had at least one motorcycle and usually several bicycles. I believe bicycle and motorcycle riding compliment each other nicely. As time went on I gravitated towards mountain bikes and dirt bikes, I loved being out in the woods, pedaling or throttling my way around. At some point I figured out this is what I really like to do, this is a lot of fun!

It doesn't matter if it's street bikes or dirt bikes you're into,

we want people to get out and ride.  

Through 2 wheel action I'd like to share this passion,

let's call or text our friends, want to go for a ride?

I do!   

Inside find rides, routes and resources for all types of riding, whatever type of riding you're into, we share your passion! 2 wheel action is interested in local rides and riders, send us your pictures, stories or video links,

we want to hear from you! 

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