Bike to school

Bike to work

Modesto. California

2 Wheel

I believe learning to ride a bicycle was an important stepping stone in my life as it taught me many lessons about many things. Bicycling can teach you about time and distance calculation (avoiding collision courses), bicycling teaches you about energy in motion (kinetic energy), it hurts to crash into something. Bicycling teaches you about gravity, more so if you ever tried jumping your bicycle. These are valuable lessons I learned that helped me when I finally learned how to drive and got my license. The bicycle is, and really should be, the first vehicle we operate. Let’s master operating this vehicle before moving on to a scooter, motorcycle or car. 2 wheel action is really about a passion many of us share, that passion is being out on two wheels in the open air, I sometimes relate it to being out and flying like a bird. Flying through the open air with the wind in our face, there’s really nothing like it, we can’t wait until the next time we ride!