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Modesto. California

2 Wheel

I've been riding bicycles most of my life and that was the first time I'd really done bicycle touring. As soon as we got home we started purchasing new gear for our next trip, we can't wait to do it again! When we take our next tour we intend to start at the Pleasanton BART station, hop off of the BART in San Francisco, from there ride to Half Moon Bay where we will camp our first night, from there we will meander our way to Monterey to stay at the hike and bike campground in Veterans Memorial Park. We will probably take 8-10 days for our trip stopping at several beautiful  and yummy! places along the way, it will be an epic journey we will start right here in Modesto. 

Hajo Bicycle touring story

 Hajo went on to explain how he was heading to South America where he would meet his father, who would later fly in from Germany to ride some of South America with his son. Take note of Hajo's footwear, that's what he was riding in. He said that was his second pair, he had worn out the ones he started with. Needless to say, after talking with Hajo we felt like our journey would be short by comparison. Regardless we had an amazing time during our "only 410 mile 11 day tour" Many of the riders we met along the PCH had been on their tours for 4 months or more, many explained it was almost an addiction, but one they were happy to have!