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Check out Platinum Beauty, ​Leo purchased this 2007 Street Glide at the end of 2006. He rode it stock for 3 years then he decided he was going to put some time into it to make it a little more personal. Leo explained it's a passion! 80 hours of airbrush time alone, several $$$ and a whole lot of work, this 117 cube beauty is truly a work of art. Congrats Leo on one well put together ride!

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for some Halibut, for the hal-i-but!

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While there are still quite a few old Knuckles, Shovels, & Pan heads out there, cruisers and Harleys have evolved tremendously. New bikes have more power, better brakes and handling, they certainly look cool! They make cruisers now that get 50+ MPG, is that crazy or what? and you'd never guess they were gas sippers by the power, these bikes move! As far as supporting the cause (riding), Mitchells Harley Davidson of Modesto has always had a huge following and they host several rides throughout the year. The HOG owners group is a friendly bunch, out for the love of riding and being with friends and family out on the open road.