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Modesto. California

2 Wheel

The central valleys mild climate and flat terrain lend to a very bicycle friendly riding environment. Make cycling part of your family fun or make it part of your daily routine. There's a good chance if you tell your child you're going to ride bicycles with them to school, they are likely to be exited! additionally, you will be that much less stressed over the morning school traffic rush. The fact is: If you don't have to drive a car, ride your bike, it will make you feel alive!


If you like to ride bikes of any sort, Modesto is a great place to base your riding from. Before you get discouraged about the cycling situation in and around Modesto check out some of the rides within our website; also consider the coastline hike and bike tour. People come from all over the world to enjoy the California coastline, a tour we can start 45 minutes away from home at the Pleasanton BART, we did it “it was awesome!” Between Half Moon bay and Big Sur we met the coolest, like minded people from all over the world, all out to enjoy cycling the length of the California coastline.  

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