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Bike Friendly Modesto - Modesto is planning to put in more bike paths to help make the city more bike friendly, including completion of the MJC East to West campus bike path...

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As fuel prices increase and it gets more and more expensive to operate a car, people should seriously consider riding their bikes more. Bicycling is one of the least expensive forms of transportation which also offers health benefits. Get an energy boost from a morning ride! Parents, it starts with our children, share the love of riding with them. Let's work together to promote bicycling to school again, children who live merely blocks away are being driven to school. Let's do our part, lets ride with our children to school as our schedules permit. Ride to school, riding a bicycle gives children valuable experience dealing with traffic, experience that will become valuable later in life when they get their drivers licences and have to interact with even higher bicycle populations.     

Bicycle commuting offers many benefits, and let's not forget, Its' Green!

Besides our short spell of triple digit temps and the few rain days we have, our climate and terrain lend to a very friendly bike commute environment.


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Hamilton here bikes 4.4 miles to MJC west campus, he said he loves riding his bike, It's a lot cheaper than driving a car and he doesn't have to pay for his VIP parking. 

Bicycle commuting